These resource manuals were compiled for use by the Chaminade Community, staff, students, families and general public by students pursuing their Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology. The students are on the mental health counseling track and created these resource manuals as part of their PSY 741 class (Mental Health Counseling) in coordination with the Clinical Director for Mental Health Counseling, Ronnie Mulford, Ph.D., from public domain information about significant areas of need in the community.  The resource manuals will be updated annually, with new areas of need periodically added.  Each Resource Manual has a particular area of need as its focus.  However, some resources may be cross-listed or duplicated as they are resources for more than one specific population and/or area of need.

** The listings and information provided in these referral resource manuals are not intended to be an endorsement, nor intended to replace medical advice.


Access to Addiction Recovery.pdf
Accessibility Resources for the Disabled.pdf
Adult Mental Health Resources.pdf
At-Risk Youth Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Autism Resources.pdf
Cancer Resources Manual SSE14.pdf
Children with Mental Disorders Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Disaster Relief Resources.pdf
Domestic and Sexual Violence Recovery Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Drug Recovery Resources.pdf
Eating Disorders Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Educational Resources.pdf
Employment Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
End of Life Resources.pdf
Free and Low Cost Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Gerontology Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Health and Wellness Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
HIV.AIDS.STD 's Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Homeless and At-risk Homeless Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Housing, Shelter, Low-Income Resources.pdf
Immigrant and Refugee Resources.pdf
Learning Disabilities Resources.pdf
LGBTQ Resources.pdf
Military Family Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Multicultural Population Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Religions of the World Resources Manual SSE15.pdf
Sex Offenders and ExFelons Resources.pdf
Substance Abuse Prevention Resources.pdf
Substance Abuse Treatment Resources.pdf
Veterans Assistance Resources.pdf